Membership Level 4


Testing applications / products for conformance to S&I Framework/ONC/HL7 and emerging federal standards; access to the best and brightest graduate students for membership fee-funded projects, providing a nearly no-risk recruitment channel; pre-launch alpha/beta customer testing through I3L provider group contacts; opportunity to participate in platforms integration collaborative.

Service Suite:

  • ┬áSeat on the I3L Industry Advisory Board (IAB)
  • Sponsor affiliation listing and signage at I3L events and in the new Georgia Tech & Partners Health IT Showcase
  • Opportunity to fund graduate research assistants for HIT Design Clinics and industry-sponsored projects at highly advantageous rates (mutually designed Scopes of Work and project management services to solve current business use cases)
  • Networking with the most robust Health IT cluster in the country
  • First access to HIT graduate students and faculty advisors for recruiting purposes
  • Early access to relevant research publications

Annual Membership: $50,000