Our Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

Our Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

The mission of the I3L is to facilitate the achievement of the Triple Aim through applied technology.  We will provide and participate in an unbiased health ecosystem that continuously evolves to support the vision of measurably improved quality healthcare at a lower per capita cost to the benefit of population health.  This can happen only with true interoperability and productive, ubiquitous consumer engagement.  I3L members’ “living laboratory” will provide access to a wide array of both physical and virtual health IT resources with which to build, test and commercialize interoperable health information technology innovations on a relatively rapid and cost-efficient basis.

Our Guiding Principles:

1)       Objectivity:  The ecosystem will be developed and evolved by all participants, and is thus a vendor-neutral environment.  Both commercial and open source vendors will participate, although we will naturally encourage the sharing of person-centered innovation models.

2)      Inclusion:  Participation is based primarily upon willingness to collaborate in the context of the mission, and is not dependent purely upon resource input and commercial value.

3)      Project prioritization:  We will establish fair and equitable project prioritization protocols, and related requirements and standards will be upheld transparently.

4)       Mission adherence: We focus foremost on providing the collaboration space that removes existing barriers to achieving the vision of improved personal and population health.  This may require cooperation and collaboration amongst those that, in other arenas, would be strictly competitors.

The I3L is an intra-campus initiative managed and operated at Georgia Tech on behalf of its membership and other public-private partnerships, educational institutions, associations and consortia also dedicated to the goals of the Triple Aim.