The I3L Debut

The I3L Debut

These partners and members of the I3L supported our first public demonstration suite at the 2012 HIMSS conference in Las Vegas.  We especially thank Open Health Tools and its membership for their support at HIMSS.

It is a Shared Vision…

With the I3L, we are lowering barriers and shortening the cycle time from idea to market by creating a collaborative health IT innovation network, so that breakthrough solutions spread swiftly around the globe to improve individual and community health and well-being.

DocPons Dossia215 DSS Inc FireStar Software
GeneralDynamicsITwhite hDirect Mail HP MediKeeper
NEXJ NitorGroup SAIC Tolven
VistA Voluntary Universal Healthcare Identifier S&I US Map

The I3L is an intra-campus initiative managed and operated at Georgia Tech on behalf of its membership and other public-private partnerships, educational institutions, associations and consortia  dedicated to rapidly advancing health and healthcare through the application of technology.